Corporate Program

Enhance the health and happiness of your employees or students with the Hubway Corporate Program.

Hubway offers a convenient way to get around Boston, Brookline, Cambridge & Somerville. It's a healthy and green transportation alternative, and makes commuting to work or school a lot more fun.

Enroll as a Corporate Partner today, and choose which level of membership you'd like to provide to members of your organization.

Corporate Membership Options

There are four membership levels to choose from. You only pay for the employees who sign up for your program, and contributions are made annually.

Program LevelCompany Annual ContributionEmployee Annual ContributionUsage Fee Responsibility*

*Hubway memberships include unlimited 30-minutes rides. Rides longer than 30 minutes incur extra usage fees – see the Annual Membership page for more details.

Enroll Your Organization

How It Works

1. Pick a level
Fill out the enrollment form and choose which membership level your organization would like to offer to your members.

2. Get your code
We'll provide you with a unique promo code to distribute to your employees, who will enter the code on the signup page. We’ll also send you internal marketing materials to promote this new perk to your members.

3. Pay invoices
Each month, we will send you an invoice listing every employee that signed up in the previous 30 days. Our online payment portal makes it easy to pay the invoice with a company credit card. (Checks are also accepted.)

Member Stats

We'll send you annual reports with valuable statistics on how your employees are utilizing their memberships, including:

  • Rides taken
  • Calories burned
  • CO2 saved

Calculations are year-to-date totals based on system-wide averages. See an example.

Champion Partners

We have a special level of Corporate Partner called Champions. These are organizations that support a branded station as a major financial sponsor or donor. See our current Champion Partners, and learn more about how to sponsor your own station.


Do we have to pay for all of the employees in our organization?
No, you only pay for the employees who sign up for your Hubway Corporate Program.

Is there a minimum number of employees?
No, companies of all sizes are welcome.

How do we verify an employee’s eligibility?
You can require a company email address and/or a password to sign up for your organization's Corporate Program. When someone signs up using your company’s promo code, you'll receive an email alert. If you don't recognize the individual as an employee of your company, email us at and we'll remove them from your invoice.

What happens when an employee leaves the company?
Their membership will remain active until its expiration date. If they renew their membership the following year, they will have to select a different type of account.

What happens when employees are already members?
We are not able to issue corporate discounts retroactively, but if the employee renews their membership. they will be eligible for the discounted corporate rate.

How can we get a branded station?
If you'd like to sponsor a station with your organization's brand, you can become a Champion Partner.

Does bike share qualify as a pre-tax commuter benefit?
At this time, IRS tax code does not recognize bike share as eligible for commuter benefits. We hope that as bike share becomes more popular, this will change in the future.