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Municipal Owners


The City of Boston is committed to providing bike share as a part of the public transportation system. Hubway is a great way to get around and enjoy our beautiful city.

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Brookline joined the recently launched Hubway system in 2011 to provide its citizens with a healthy and environmentally-friendly alternative to driving.

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Bicycling is hugely popular in Cambridge, a city that strongly supports bicycle transportation for all kinds of trips. The number of people bicycling in Cambridge has tripled over the last decade.

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Somerville has been supporting cycling through investment in bicycle parking and bike lanes, with more than 30 miles of bike facilities and 300 new bike parking spots.

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Agency Partners

City of Boston, Mayor Martin J. Walsh
Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization
Boston Public Health Commission
City of Boston
City of Cambridge
City of Somerville
Federal Transit Administration
Massachusetts Department of Transportation
Metropolitan Area Planning Council
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
Town of Brookline


Operating Partners

Operator: Motivate

Station Equipment Manufacturer: 8D Technologies

Bicycle Manufacturer: Detroit Bikes