[SYSTEM ALERT] Tonight's (6/30) software update, partial system outage 11pm-1am

SYSTEM ALERT: Beginning Tuesday, June 30th, at approximately 11:00pm, and continuing through Wednesday, July 1st, at 1am, Hubway will be conducting an update to the operational software that powers the system. While key-holding members (annual & monthly) will be able to rent bikes during this 2-hour span, here are how the system will be affected at that time:

  • No card-payment rentals (24-hour & 72-hour memberships) will be available at Hubway stations.
  • Members will not be able to log into their online account. Once the update is complete, you’ll be able to access all of your account history again.
  • Station and dock information may not be accurate on any website, map, or mobile app. Once the update is complete, the accurate info will return.
  • “Time credits” and other features will not be available at Hubway station kiosks.

Every effort will be made to minimize the disruption this may cause, and we do not anticipate this affecting a large volume of riders. We thank you in advance for your patience as we work to improve Hubway.

If you have any questions, please reach Hubway customer service by calling 1-855-9HUBWAY (948-2929) or writing to Find out more about the Hubway system, station expansions, deployments and outages/closures at, on Twitter at, and on Facebook at

[Boston Globe] Public bike counter tracks cyclists cruising through Cambridge

The following article was originally published by Nicole Dungca in the Boston Globe on June 27th, 2015.

photo credit: Matthew J. Lee / Globe Staff

Cambridge has one of the highest percentages of bike commuters in Greater Boston — and now, the city has a way to show it off.

If you find yourself biking down Broadway Street in Kendall Square, you can now check out how many cyclists came before you that day. The city recently installed a bike counter that started on Tuesday displaying the number of cyclists who passed through the area, according to city spokeswoman Cara Seiderman.

The new contraption, which displays in big green numerals the daily count of cyclists who have passed the spot, will supplement the city’s bike census, taken every two years. During those counts, employees spread out over 17 locations for four hours and record the cyclists they see. The city then extrapolates that data to come up with the number who pedal through the area.

Seiderman said they won’t be doing away with the manual count, but officials hope the new bike counter will be more accurate and easier.

“We know that a lot of people are traveling by bicycle in Cambridge and that the numbers have been increasing for more than a decade,” City Manager Richard C. Rossi said in a statement.

Officials think the counter is a way to show how many people are out biking, and making sure people know “bicyclists count.” But Seiderman said they are also excited about the valuable pieces of data they’ll be able to collect.

“If you can get 24/7 data, you have a much better picture of what the patterns are,” she said. “We can see if they’re biking year-round or biking through the rain.”

Officials believe the counter is the first of its kind in the state. With it, Cambridge joins the ranks of such bike-friendly cities as Portland, Ore., and Montreal. The counter from the Montreal-based Eco-Counter company was funded by a $25,000 grant from the Helen and William Mazer Foundation.

In three days, the counter had already ticked off about 6,000 bikes, according to Seiderman. Don’t expect to see that big green number skyrocket into the hundreds of thousands: The machine resets at midnight, ensuring a fresh daily count. A less prominent estimate of the annual bike tally will also be displayed.

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Power of Love w/special guests New York’s Finest
Sunday, July 26th
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Power of Love formed in 2012 with one simple goal: to be the best Huey Lewis & The News cover band you … or anyone else … has ever heard. Featuring a five-piece line-up and a full horn section, The Power of Love boasts an impressive collection of Boston indie rock and punk rock stalwarts (including members and former members of Big D and the Kid’s Table, The Fatal Flaw, This Blue Heaven, Razors in the Night, Mount Peru Lannen and more). PoL’s live show is no ironic, tongue-in-cheek takedown of Huey Lewis, nor is it a slavish tribute act. The band has the pure musicianship to honor the original songs and their arrangements, while still attacking the material with a raw rock and roll ferocity. Police tribute “New York’s Finest” opens.

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[Jamaica Plain Gazette] Bikes and Wi-Fi among youth budget priorities

The following article was originally published in the Jamaica Plain Gazette on June 19th, 2015.

More Hubway bikes and free Wi-Fi. A renovated school gym. And more water-bottle refilling stations in parks like the one pioneered at Jamaica Pond.

Those are the City budget priorities chosen by a vote of more than 2,500 Boston youths in Mayor Martin Walsh’s annual Youth Participatory Budgeting Vote, according to a City press release.

Debuting last year with Walsh’s new Youth Lead the Change initiative, the process allows Boston youths ages 12 to 25 to vote on how to allocate $1 million on various budget proposals from a list also developed by youths. Organized in partnership with the New York-based nonprofit the Participatory Budgeting Project, the process allowed for voting at such locations as schools and T stations.

Expansion of the popular Hubway bike-rental system to more neighborhoods is budgeted at $101,600. Expanding the City’s “Wicked Free Wi-Fi” program is budgeted at $119,000.

Renovating the gym at Roxbury’s Boston Latin Academy is another youth priority, budgeted at $475,000.

The youths also like the idea of the water stations in parks. Local City Councilor Matt O’Malley got a combo water fountain and refill station installed by a private corporation at Jamaica Pond Park in 2013. Young voters pegged $260,000 to install more stations on Boston Common and in parks in Roslindale, South Boston and West Roxbury.

[The National] Emirati cyclists hope to inspire women to work out during Ramadan

The following artcile was originally published by Ramola Talwar Badam in The National on June 13th, 2015.

DUBAI // A group of female Emirati cyclists will be on their bikes during Ramadan hoping to motivate others to exercise after breaking their fast.

While many view the holy month as a time to slow their daily routine and even stop working out, bank manager Masooma Ali is turning it up a gear in preparation for a 70-kilometre road race on July 3.

“This is my goal, to get more girls into cycling. I’m trying to promote this sport for girls,” said Ms Ali, who is riding 50km a day as she trains for the Nad Al Sheba cycling championship, a race that takes place in the evening.

“Cycling is not very common in our culture, and girls normally go to the gym or train indoors. So you really have to convince others to take up cycling.”

She advised women not to overeat at iftar and work out to improve fitness and nutrition levels. “Last year, I raced for fun but this year I’m taking it seriously. You become conscious about what you’re eating because it affects training, so I make sure to have salad and proteins. In the UAE we tend to eat fried foods for iftar. I feel we stuff ourselves and this is the wrong way. During Ramadan we need exercise even if it’s a one-hour walk to feel fresh.”

Ms Ali recently attended a nutrition workshop organised by Liv Cycling, a store dedicated to female cyclists. The participants heard valuable tips about eating small meals, the need for hydration, exercising two hours after a meal and adding rice, chicken, fish, whole grains and vegetables to their diet.

More workshops are planned this summer with the next focusing on hydration and electrolyte management, said Emma Woodcock, who represents the store. She cautioned those who do not train regularly not to overdo it.

“This is not a time to be pushing yourself hard. You can do strength training indoors like putting your bike on an indoor trainer for short workouts.”

Asma Al Janahi, an Emirati computer engineering student, hopes women will be encouraged to cycle when they see her group out in Al Barsha park, Jumeirah and around town.

“We are planning to do late evening rides during Ramadan,” said Ms Al Janahi, co-founder of UAE Cycling Girls, which has more than a dozen riders, mostly Emiratis.

“We want to tell other girls there is no reason to stop training during Ramadan if you exercise the rest of the year.

“Some people may be surprised to see us exercise during Ramadan. Some think being a girl you should not exercise or because it’s Ramadan you should not do anything. This is the general culture and we’re doing our best to change this idea. Girls need to eat healthy, stay hydrated and understand the power of cycling.”

Dietician Salma Ganchi said eating small portions at iftar was equally important and cycling outdoors during fasting hours was not recommended.

“Headaches are quite common during Ramadan and if you have a headache don’t go cycling,” she said.

“Tingling, the shivers are other warning signs of dehydration. Feeling dizzy on a bike is dangerous. The key in Ramadan is maintaining fitness, it’s not a time to increase fitness or become stronger.”