Favorite Hubway Rides in Metro-Boston | The Hubway

Favorite Rides

If you’re new to the Boston area or are just looking for a nice way to spend an afternoon, here are some of our favorite rides. They’re fun, scenic and some of them are even car-free! Stop and dock your bike along the way to enjoy the views and avoid usage fees.

Esplanade 2

This scenic stretch along the Charles River is a favorite among tourists and locals alike, with a car-free bike and pedestrian path.

Harbor 2

This public walkway and bike path follows the shoreline of Boston Harbor, providing a nice spot for parks, public art exhibits, cafés and more.


This special ride will take you past the locations of Cambridge’s lost theaters and sites immortalized on the big screens of Hollywood.

Southwest Corridor

Otherwise known as the Pierre Lallement Bicycle Path, this scenic route is cherished by commuters and visitors.

Somerville Community Path

This paved pathway, starting at the former Boston and Lowell Railroad, is a great way to explore Somerville.