Take Hubway to see the Fireworks: Valet service on July 4th at Museum of Science | The Hubway

Take Hubway to see the Fireworks: Valet service on July 4th at Museum of Science

Hubway is partnering with the Museum of Science to guarantee dock availability on July 4th, 4-11pm, to enable easy access to fireworks viewing areas on both the Cambridge and Boston sides of the Charles River.

July 4, 2017 | 4:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Museum of Science Hubway station, Cambridge/Boston, MA

Over 25,000 trips are expected to be taken on Hubway over the extended holiday weekend, which means it will be one of Hubway's busiest stretches of the year! To better accommodate riders interested in attending the Boston Pops celebration or view the fireworks over the River, Hubway Ambassadors will be available for Valet service at the Museum of Science station between 4pm and 11pm. Riders will have access to the Museum entrance plaza, where they will be greeted by an attendant to assist them in docking the bike.

The attendant will remain at the station to assist riders following the fireworks until 11:30pm, though bikes will be available, as usual, on a first-come, first serve basis.

All Hubway stations, including the Beacon St at Arlington St station at the base of the Fiedler Footbridge, are expected to remain open and accessible on July 4th, but riders are guaranteed a dock at the Museum of Science during that 4-11pm period.

Please visit thehubway.com/stations or download a free app to view real-time Hubway station information.

Please note: Ambassador schedule and locations are subject to change, particularly due to weather. Updates will be posted daily at thehubway.com/july4th as well as Hubway’s twitter and facebook pages.