Member Profile: Michelle C. | The Hubway

Member Profile: Michelle C.

Today we’re featuring Hubway Member and Founder of Roxbury Rides, Michelle C., as part of our #WomenWhoBike series during Women’s Bike Month. Read how she fell in love with cycling, her favorite places to Hubway around metro-Boston, and more below! Photo: Kelly Davidson Photography

Michelle is the Owner of Operation B Fit/BFit Holistic, a holistic fitness, health & wellness company that helps individuals and families develop healthier lifestyles through nutrition, exercise & holistic health. She's a certified P90x Instructor, teaches meditation, Herbalist in training and recently received her Level 1 certification in Reiki.

Michelle is an avid biker and the Moderator/Shero for the Boston Chapter of Black Girls Do Bike, a Licensed Cycling Instructor through the League of American Bicyclists, and is the first African American female to receive an LCI in Boston. She is a Board Member for the Boston Cyclists Union located in Roxbury.

Michelle is also the Founder of Roxbury Rides, which encourages people of Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan to use biking & walking as a source of transportation and exercise. Roxbury Rides advocates for better, safer infrastructures for bicyclists and pedestrians alike.

How long have you lived in Boston?

I've live in Boston for over 40 years.

How often do you ride Hubway?

I ride Hubway at least 2-3 times a week

What do you like about riding Hubway?

I like riding Hubway because I feel that I'm seen by everyone. Hubway has automatic blinking red lights in the back, it allows me to sit up while riding so I am able to see more on the street.

Where are your favorite places to ride in Boston?

My favorite places to ride is the Neponset Trail, Charles River Bank and anywhere near a Beach.

What's your favorite thing about Hubway?

The best thing about Hubway is the convenience. I can find a Hubway in most areas of Boston and that is great. Having the Hubway app is even better to help me find a good location.

What advice would you have for girls and women who are new to riding?

My advice is that if you are afraid to ride alone, then ride with a friend. Start with bike trails, and attend some group biking events to begin to feel comfortable riding in the street.

How would you like to see Hubway change?

Having a basket on the front would be so much nicer as you can load more things and utilize the bike longer. And it would be great to see more of the riding events that I have seen in East Boston and Ruggles so people can "sample" the bikes which would allow Hubway to explain pricing, using the bikes, etc.

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