Station Alert: Landmark Center - Brookline Ave at Park Dr has moved due to construction

In order to accommodate a construction project along Brookline Avenue, the Landmark Center - Brookline Ave at Park Dr station has moved to a new, nearby location. The station will likely remain in the new location throughout the remainder of the year.

The new station site is not visible from the original location, but is very close, within 2 blocks. Find the new station on Fuller Street, between the opposite side of the Landmark Center and the Harvard Vanguard Medical building. From the former location, head one block north on Brookline Ave, and take a left at the Blick Art onto Fuller. The station will be on your left a half block down (see image below).

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please make sure to use your Spotcycle app to see our full station map along with real-time bike and dock availability.