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Hubway's Unicorn Madness Winner Revealed!

Hubway's inaugural Unicorn Madness has come to an exciting end. One of our specially-designed unicorn bikes has been crowned most popular! And the winner is...


  • 65 rides between March 16th - April 3rd!
  • 91 miles traveled!
  • 295 online votes!

Hubway's newest unicorn, released on March 8th, commemorates and celebrates the release of the City of Boston's Vision and Action Plan for a bold transportation future. The Go Boston 2030 bike pays homage to the thousands of people who informed the plan and features how we intend to get around: bicycling (of course!), walking and rolling, taking transit, hopping in an autonomous vehicle, and even floating on a hoverboard.

What about the prizes?!

Good question! If you rode one of the unicorns, or voted for one of the unicorns, or posted a picture of one of the unicorns to Hubway's twitter, facebook, or instagram profiles, you've been entered to win one of our 15 prize packages, including gear from Hubway, free registrations for TD Hub On Wheels, shirts & hats from the Boston Red Sox, gift certificates to the Ice Creamsmith in Dorchester, and certificates and gear from Dorchester Brewing Company. Winners will be selected the week of April 3-7, 2017.

Thank you to all of the Hubway Unicorn Madness sponsors and prize providers.

Your winning unicorn!