[PRESS RELEASE] Hubway operator becomes 'Motivate'

For Immediate Release
January 14, 2015

With new leadership and financial backing, the global bike share leader is poised to innovate and drive exponential growth.

NEW YORK - Alta Bicycle Share is now Motivate, the global bike share leader bringing unparalleled experience in building and operating large, complex bike share systems. Motivate oversees all of the largest bike share systems in the United States, including Citi Bike in New York, Divvy in Chicago, Capital Bike Share in Washington D.C, Hubway in Boston, and Bay Area Bike Share in the San Francisco Bay Area. The name change is effective immediately.

The renaming comes on the heels of the company’s recent acquisition by a team of investors including the CEOs of Equinox®, a fitness and high performance lifestyle leader; Related Companies, one of the nation’s most prominent real estate firms; and other private investors.

The new ownership group has brought the financial backing and leadership to help the company meet the enormous demand for bike share in the U.S. and beyond. Motivate is led by a team of seasoned urban visionaries and technology innovators, with deep experience using technology to make cities more convenient and accessible. Led by CEO Jay Walder, one of the world’s leading transportation executives, the team brings bold ideas for bike share with the innovative technology, financial and sponsorship solutions to make them a reality. Motivate has a workforce of more than 600 dedicated employees who help to plan, launch, operate, market and provide customer service for its systems.

“Bike share has become an integral part of the 21st century city, and Motivate is the only company with the proven experience and expertise to effectively deliver and operate multiple large bike share systems,” said Jay Walder, Chief Executive Officer of Motivate. “As cities change and grow more rapidly than ever, only bike share is flexible and personalized to keep pace. Now, with the backing of new ownership, Motivate is positioned to deliver even better service to cities and bring bike share to scale.”

In the time since the first major US bike share system was launched four and a half years ago, Motivate has grown forty-fold. In every city Motivate operates, expansion is being pursued or considered by popular demand. And the establishment of regional systems – in places such as Boston, Washington, D.C., the Bay Area, Chicago and now New York – illustrates how growth won’t be contained by political or even geographic borders.

Motivate is a 21st century urban transportation experience, using the latest technology to create a service that is flexible and personalized to the way people live today. Motivate gets you from where you are to where you want to be, unrestricted by schedules or fixed routes or an outdated idea of how your city should move. Motivate is different each day and for every person, connecting the threads of the city, a new journey beginning as another ends.


About Motivate
Motivate is a global leader in bike share.  A full-service bike share operator and technology innovator, Motivate works to re-envision how people experience and move around cities.  Motivate currently manages all of the largest bikeshare systems in the United States and many of the largest systems in the world, including Citi Bike (NYC), Divvy (Chicago), CoGo Bike Share (Columbus, OH), Capital Bike Share (Washington DC, Arlington, VA, Alexandria, VA and Montgomery County, MD), Hubway (Boston, Somerville, Cambridge, and Brookline, MA), Bay Area Bike Share (BABS, San Francisco Bay Area), Bike Chattanooga (TN), Bike Share Toronto and Melbourne Bike Share, Australia. Motivate recently launched Pronto Cycle Share in Seattle, Washington, and was recently selected to launch a new system in Jersey City, New Jersey that will be compatible with Citi Bike.

Press Contact: Dani Simons

Hubway announces new Monthly Membership option

The Hubway, Metro-Boston’s bikeshare system, is proud to announce a new Monthly Membership offering. As with Annual Membership, the Monthly Membership is available at and Monthly Members will receive a key in the mail. This key allows the user to bypass a transaction at the station and to proceed directly to the bicycle. By simply sliding the key into the dock, the bicycle will release and be ready to ride.

Similar to the MBTA’s Charlie Card, the Hubway Monthly Membership will be valid from the first day of the month to the last. Also like the Charlie Card, your membership is only good during a single month. If you activate your key on the 15th, your membership still expires at the end of that month. Renewing is a snap..simply insert your expired key into any dock to release a bicycle and the monthly fee will be automatically charged to the credit card associated with your account.

No visit to the website needed, it’s that easy!

“The Monthly Membership offers the convenience and savings of annual membership but with flexible, monthly terms,” said Hubway general manager, Scott Mullen. “It’s perfect for students or anyone who wants to try Hubway on for size.”

The cost of a Monthly Membership is only $20. Those who decide to upgrade to an Annual Membership after trying Hubway for a month will receive a $20 credit toward the $85 annual cost. Simply log in to your member page and click the ‘Change Plan’ button.

Members of the Press – email ‘’ if you’d like to speak with a Hubway representative or someone from any of the participating municipalities (Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville).

Mayor Menino Kicks Off Second Season of New Balance Hubway

This Press Release was published by the Mayor’s Office on April 3, 2012.

Mayor Menino today kicked off the second season of the New Balance Hubway program, celebrating the full launch of Hubway’s 61 stations this week and previewing plans for the program’s expansion.  The Hubway system will offer new locations in 2012, adding new locations at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, the Seaport Hotel, and Cambridge Street in downtown Boston.  The program also plans to expand to neighboring communities this year.