You're Invited to the Hubway "Unicorn" Launch this Thursday, October 23rd

Please note: This event has been moved inside 1350 Mass Ave, in the Harvard Information Center room just off the Smith Campus Center arcade.

Thursday, October 23, 2014—Rain or Shine!
Harvard’s Forbes Plaza
Outside the Smith Campus Center
1350 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Over 2,000 people voted, and your choice, “the Emerald Explorer,” designed by artist and Hubway member Amy Fater, will enter our fleet as the newest, limited edition, one-of-a-kind Hubway bike this Thursday at noon!

Come join us, together with Harvard’s CommuterChoice, as the bike is unveiled for its inaugural ride! Be the first to see the Emerald Explorer in person. While you’re there, grab a complimentary 24-hour Hubway pass courtesy of CommuterChoice, enter to win a free helmet, chat with Hubway reps and dignitaries from Hubway member municipalities, and say hi to Amy!

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Station Alert: Beacon/Charles station returns today, fully operational

Station Alert: The Beacon/Charles Hubway station has returned to its previous location adjacent to Beacon Hill and the Boston Public Garden, as of Tuesday morning, October 14th. The station had been temporarily removed in late August for city sidewalk construction, but is now back and fully operational.

Thank you for your patience. Station updates are posted on Hubway’s Twitter & Facebook pages. For up to the minute system availability, please use our Spotcycle app for smartphones or visit Hubway Tracker or the Hubway website station map.

Thank you for using Hubway.

Mayor's Cup Mascot Race 2014

What happens when you take 9 of the Boston-area’s sports & company mascots,
and put ‘em all on Hubway bikes for a race around City Hall? Watch the video and find out!

The TD Bank Mayor’s Cup is an annual bicycle race that is hosted by the City of Boston’s Mayor Martin J. Walsh. Boston Bikes, a department of the City takes the lead with the organizing and TD Bank graciously sponsors the event. Hubway provided the bikes for the mascot race. Enjoy the video!

When to Mark a Bike for Repair: The Wrench Button

Ever wonder what this button is for?

Hubway wants to make sure all riders have a safe, enjoyable experience riding our bikes, so rest assured that we are constantly tuning the fleet for optimal performance. We have dedicated Bike Mechanics at our warehouse who conduct a wide variety of bike repairs, and we also have a field-based Bike Technician team to check each bike in the system at least once per month and can make many adjustments in the field.

Even so, you may sometimes encounter a a bike that requires some extra TLC. If you’re ever riding a Hubway bike that has a low or flat tire, skipping gears, a dragging chain, or otherwise in need of maintenance, return it to a dock and press the wrench button.

This does three things. First, it locks the bike into the dock, so that no one else can ride it before we fix it. Second, it activates a red light so other riders know they won’t be able to use it until it’s been checked by our mechanics. Lastly, it lets our dispatch office know where to send our field staff to get it fixed.

Hubway’s Field Bike Technicians can make minor tune-ups on the spot, but sometimes they hit the wrench button again if the bike needs more work. These bikes are then scooped up by our Rebalancers, who bring them into the garage for repair.

You might ask:

Can someone just come by and press all the wrench buttons? No worries! The wrench buttons can only be activated for a minute after a bike is docked, so only the most recent rider will be able to mark it for repair. If you check out a bike and immediately notice something wrong, dock it and press the wrench button. One minute later you’ll be able to check out another bike.

Can someone “reserve” a bike by pushing the wrench button to lock it in place and then come later to unlock it? Nope. Once a bike is locked in with the wrench button it takes a special staff key to unlock it again.

When I press the wrench button do you automatically know what’s wrong with the bike? Unfortunately not. All we can tell is that there’s something that needs fixing. Each bike in our shop will be thoroughly checked by our mechanics to make any necessary repairs and adjustments, but you can help by tweeting at us or contacting customer service with the bike number. You can find the bike number on a bar code sticker on the bike frame just below the seat.

Thanks for using Hubway!

Brisk fall weather approaching: some tips for riding in the colder temps

The brisk New England fall weather will be upon us soon. We’re not happy about it, either, but it does provide for some lovely leaves-changing-color rides and viewing. If you’re going to be out biking as the temperatures get colder, here are a few things to keep in mind to prepare for your outings:

Wear layers, but remember that riding will warm you up. If you get hot as you ride, pull over and remove a layer, but always keep your ears and hands shielded.

Wear gloves or mittens to keep your hands warm. Just make sure you’re still able to work the brakes, gears, and bell.

Local bike shops offer bike-appropriate gloves and earmuffs that do not obstruct the use of your helmet. Make sure you can hear what’s going on around you.

Your core will stay warm as you ride, but make sure you’ve got your extremities covered. Wear shoes with enough room for thick, warm socks.

The weather can change quickly here, so make sure you have a back-up plan if you don’t feel comfortable on a bike. Plan your route ahead of time. If the weather isn’t good for biking, take the train, bus, or a cab.

It’s important to decide for yourself when you’re comfortable riding and when you’re not. Each rider has a different comfort level in inclement weather, so don’t let a riding partner push you past your comfort zone. If you are uncomfortable for any reason while biking, stop riding and walk your bike to the nearest docking station. If you are cold, make your way indoors to warm up.

Visibility is particularly limited during the winter, with fewer daylight hours, glare, and foggy conditions. Hubway bikes have 24-hour lights, but it is also a good idea to wear light colored clothing and reflective materials if possible. Always make sure you can be seen by vehicles.

Use extra caution under wintry conditions, as roads may not be completely cleared of snow and ice. You are always permitted to ride in the general travel lane (not only the bike lane) and should do so if the bike lane is snowy or icy. Keep your eyes open for piles of leaves of patches of ice. It’s better to continue straight through these obstacles than turn or lean through them. Also be careful to avoid using your front brakes, as it could cause you to lose control.

Hubway bikes can hold up to cold weather. They’re checked regularly by our bike mechanics, so leave your bike at home and let us worry about hardware wear & tear.

In cases where the system is shut down due to severe weather conditions, we’ll notify the public via press release and social media. We’ll also notify our Members via email. Find out more about the Hubway system, extensions, station outages/closures at, on Twitter, and on Facebook.