Corporate / University Accounts

Keep your employees and/or students happy and healthy by offering the benefit of discounted memberships to Hubway. Hubway's Corporate Account options solves your company's transit concerns, providing you with a green alternative that encourages active transportation, making it fun and easy to commute by putting a fleet of bikes at your employee's fingertips.

Corporate / University Membership Levels

Options are available for organizations large or small (nonprofit, too):

Company Contribution
Employee Contribution
Usage Fee Responsibility*

*Annual membership includes unlimited trips up to 30 minutes. Trips that exceed 30 minutes incur incremental Usage Fees. For more info on Usage Fees please view Hubway pricing.

How does it work?

1. Pick a level - Fill out our enrollment form and indicate which membership level your company would like to use

2. Get your code - Hubway will provide you with a unique promo code that you distribute to your employees. They’ll enter the code at our signup page. We’ll also send internal marketing materials so you can promote the new benefit to your staff members.

3. Get invoiced - Every month, Hubway will send you an invoice listing every employee that signed up in the previous 30 days. Our online payment platform makes it a snap to pay the invoice with a company credit card (we also accept checks).


You will receive annual reports with valuable statistics on how your employees are utilizing their memberships. We provide:

  • Rides made
  • Calories burned
  • CO2 saved
  • Calculations are year-to-date totals based on system-wide averages.

Who's Already Riding?