Your bike sharing system in Metro-Boston

What is Hubway?

Hubway is your bike sharing system providing more than 1,300 bikes at 140 stations throughout Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville. Grab a bike near your home, office, or school and pedal your way to the next lunch meeting, class, errand, or shopping trip, or to visit friends and family.

Using Hubway is easy and tailored to fit your needs. Choose between an Annual Membership, Monthly Membership, 72-Hour Pass or 24-Hour Pass and access our fleet when you want it, three seasons per year (the system is typically shut down in the winter). The cost includes unlimited trips up to 30 minutes in duration, with longer rides incurring additional usage fees. Please review our Pricing page for additional information.

The municipalities of Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville are working with Mass Department of Transportation, Metropolitan Area Planning Council, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and the Federal Transit Administration to continue to fill and expand the system in the Metro Area.

Keep in touch with us here, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest news on your Hubway system! And be sure to download the Spotcycle app to your smartphone!